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As a student the best place to look for study material is a library which has over the ages been an essential provider of free books, information, ideas and education. In the modern time this is now replaced with the Internet and website providing these resources. Study material such as notes or guides along with past years test papers, worksheets with sample questions are the most common resources that a student refers to before appearing for competitive exams along with test papers.

oneworldlearners is aimed at helping students find the right resources in multiple areas of study which it calls streams. This is an ongoing exercise and we will continue to build resources overtime. If you would like to contribute towards free resources or suggest a resource please write to us at We are committed to provide attribution to our contributors.

We at oneworldlearners are committed to provide students with these essential resources whether it is books, notes , information , worksheets, solutions and other possible information that facilitates learning. Our only endeavour is to help students with best possible resources and we in no way intend to infringe on any copyright. We try to list resources that are publicly available only. If you find any material on this site that is in copyright violation please report/email at with Subject line: Copyright Violation Resources. We will investigate and if found in violation we take necessary action.